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Toddler Curriculum


Our toddler program incorporates a hands-on learning experience with social interactions in a safe environment to help promote the development of independence and social skills, and encourage self-confidence.


Our experienced staff will provide toddlers with opportunities to:


  • Gain confidence in potty training

  • Carry out self-help skills such as washing hands and cleaning up after themselves

  • Scribble with crayons and markers and begin to imitate marks such as circles and other simple shapes

  • Complete simple puzzles, count to at least 5, imitate counting rhymes or songs, recognize some quantities, and explore non-standardized measuring tools

  • Play alongside other toddlers and initiate social interactions with other children

  • Stack, sort, and string items

  • Develop eye-hand coordination skills

  • Dance and sing

  • Gain a sense of diversity by noticing differences and similarities

  • Play “pretend” and use their imagination

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