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About Us

The Home/School Connection


Inch by Inch Childcare Center has an open-door policy where parents are welcome at any time. Parents’ involvement in their child’s education is encouraged at Inch by Inch Childcare Center in both formal and informal ways. It is important for parents to know what is happening in their child’s classroom as well as at the Center. Parents of children in the infant and toddler rooms will receive a daily report sheet explaining when the child ate, slept and bowel movements. All parents are encouraged to speak with their child’s teachers in the beginning and end of each day.  Please make every effort to stay informed; you are your child’s advocate and their most important teacher.






The Center publishes a newsletter as a way to maintain communication with parents. An electronic notice can be sent to you if you supply your email address.


Parent Involvement:


After making arrangements with the lead teacher, parents are welcome to come in and read a book or do a special craft with their child’s class. Parents are welcome to join their child’s class for lunch on their child’s birthday.


Parent-Teacher Conferences:


All parents are invited to participate in Bi-annual parent/ teacher conferences. These will be held at a time that’s convenient for both you and the teacher. All parents are encouraged to attend conferences but it is the responsibility of the custodial parent to inform the non-custodial parent of such arrangements. Parents may request a conference at anytime. Occasionally a teacher may request a parent conference when there are special concerns in the classroom. We ask that parents respect this request with prompt attention. 


The Owner/Director


I hold a masters’ degrees in Elementary Education and Special Education.  Prior to pursuing my passion for child care, I taught in a public school on Long Island for more than 5 years.  


As a mom of two young girls, I know the importance of balancing safety, health, and social and emotional growth, with routines, autonomy, and academics.  I value the concerns of parents and take pride in knowing that their children will be in the most capable and caring hands. 


I look forward to making lasting relationships with you while providing quality care for your children. 



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