Pre-K Curriculum 


Our pre-k teachers are aware of the complex and crucial components of teaching three and four year olds and are able to integrate components of student achievement in their daily activities of play and exploration.


We use a program called Mother Goose Time which uses different themes each month to help them construct knowledge and build connections through real experiences. 

Letters & Phonics

Letters are brought to life as the children see, touch, hear & play with three featured letters each month

Emergent Writing

Eye-hand coordination & fine motor skills are developed with projects and games focused on building emergent writing skills.

Creative Thinking & Artistic Expression

Children have daily opportunities to explore the form & function of art while using critical thinking to express themselves with creativity

Reading Comprehension

Each thematic study features a new book that comes with a Storytelling Scene & Character Pieces, along with an I Can Read book for each child

STEAM Stations & Experiments

High-quality STEAM experiences encourage both critical & creative thinking to solve problems & make sustainable life choices.

Music Rhythm, Dance & Movement

Children sing, dance and create music with homemade instruments & other dancing props

Communication & Vocabulary

Vivid, full-color photos are displayed to encourage inquiry & investigation throughout the day. Vocabulary is built by playing games & the use of vocabulary cards

Reasoning & Logic

Encourages problem-solving with quality manipulatives & games

Counting & Number Concepts

Children count, sort, problem-solve & expand math learning with the use of colorful manipulatives