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Each of our programs has a specific curriculum designed to challenge and promote children to be engaged learners. Inch by Inch recognizes that successful programs consist of a balance between developmentally appropriate teacher implemented activities and the facilitation of learning experiences through spontaneous child-centered exploration and play. Our teachers are in tune to recognize teachable moments.


Inch by Inch Childcare Center requires that all employees are trained to appropriately supervise and meet the needs of all children. This formal training certifies our staff in the areas of nutrition and health, child development, safety and security procedures, child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention, and statutes and regulations pertaining to child care.  In addition to this extensive training, our lead teachers hold degrees in early childhood education and are highly qualified to plan and implement learning based activities specific to each child’s needs. 

Inch Worms
​Infant Classroom  
The first three months of a child's life is a time of wonder.

The infant classroom is an intimate setting that cares for a maximum of four children at any time. By limiting the class size to four, infants are provided with the attentive care they deserve. 

Infant Classroom   
Infants whose caregivers frequently read/talk to them know 300 more words by age 2. 

This infant classroom is designed for a maximum of eight infants who are now crawling and walking around. 


The classroom is set up to promote fine motor and gross motor skills, sensory perception, and other physical developments. 

Busy Bees
       Toddler Classroom        


Pre-K Classroom

A toddler's physical, social, and cognitive development grows by leaps and bounds. 


The toddler classroom fosters individuality by collaborating as a group of nine children.


The classroom is set up to build upon prior fine and gross motor skills, promote physical well being and health, and teach daily living skills.


At the age of 3 a child's brain is two times as active as that of an adult. 


The Pre-K classroom creates a community of learners who are working together through hands-on learning experiences as a group of 13.


Please click the link below to learn how Inch by Inch Childcare Center encourages liveliness while demonstrating self-regulation; a vital kindergarten readiness skill.

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